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Archway 1

The Archway 1 Art Studio was founded in 2003 under both viaducts Archway 1 and 2, Chapman Road, Annandale.

The studio was the private studio of artist Stefan von Reiche whom for over eight years, enabled the space to be accessed by local artists; filmmakers, painters, photographers, make up artists, actors, sculptures and writers, whom would all require space to produce, initiate, brainstorm, complete, unblock, re-inspire and/or create their work, in a supportive and conducive environment. The space was also used to exhibit art and facilitate a meeting place for artist talks and collaboration. The Archway 1 was opened to the public in January 2012, and became home to The Archway 1 Theatre Company in August of 2012.

What operates in the Archway 1:

  1. The Archway 1 Theatre Company – Founded in 2012. Debut as a company in Nov. 2012. Also, theatrical training centre; Drama, Improv, Theatre making, Voice and Movement.
  2. The Archetype Gallery- Founded in 2006. Solo and Group exhibitions in contemporary art. Local and international artists.
  3. The Archetype Projects – Comunity based projects. Outreach, consultancy, documentation, graphic design and creative projects.
  4. Film Lab; Writers group, Filmmaking, Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, Support
  5. Photographer studio – Photography studio hire, conceptual, art, documentation, product, fashion.
  6. Creative Arts Alliance Sydney – 500+ meet up network via online membership. Support, advocacy, collaborative work, skill swap, referral.
  7. Archetype Arts – Classes and workshops for children and adults. Art, Cuban Salsa, film nights, open mic poetry, fashion shows and artist salon talks.

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