Campaign for a new Space for Archway 1

Archway 1 needs a new home

Archway 1 needs a new home

What can you do?

The city councils actions so far have been effective in stamping out the morale of the community, people are puzzled, angry and dismayed at what happened to Archway 1 considering all the effort that people put into saving the cultural initiative, but don’t fall for the David & Goliath illusion, that’s what high paid bureaucrats want you to believe, that you are powerless, when the truth is the citizens have the capacity to affect great change and bureaucrats should not be the last bastion of what aspects of life; art & culture, should be a part of a city.

Here are some options that we hope you choose one or all of them to insist that City council stop their prejudicial conduct and demand they listen to the Sydney community about what you want in your city.
Write a letter containing the above seven points, address this letter to the CEO, Monica Barone:
Write a letter containing the above seven points, address this letter to the Mayor Clover Moore
Write a letter containing the above seven points, address this letter to all the counselors
Call the offices of Monica Barone and Clover Moore and all the Councillors
Write a Letter to the Editor of any newspaper of your choice to discuss the issue
Request a journalist do a story on the issue
Call up Radio stations to alert them of the issues
Write to Television programs to alert them of the issues
Spread the word to local businesses
Alert people on on social media, Facebook, Twitter etc
Repost our previous social media on your social media pages.
Write to the Glebe Society, Coalition of Glebe Groups, FLAG and Blackwattle Cove Coalition to assist Archway 1 with support to be relocated into a local permanent space in the jurisdiction of Glebe, Blackwattle Bay or Annandale.

Contact Information List

Don’t forget to CC. so we have a copy of your support letter.

Monica Barone Council CEO

Mayor Clover Moore
02 9265 9229

Deputy Mayor Irene Doutney
02 9265 9700 or 02 9265 9812

Jenny Green
02 9288 5913

Robert Kok
02 9265 9427

Edward Mandla
02 9288 5919

John Mant
02 9288 5911

Linda Scott
02 9288 5917

Angela Vithoulkas
02 9288 5909

Christine Forster
02 9288 5921


The Glebe Society
Twitter  @glebesociety
See website for all groups

The Coalition of Glebe Groups

Forest Lodge and Glebe Action Group
Ally de Pree-Raghavan, tel. 9660 3943, or email:

The Blackwattle Cove Coalition
Convener: John Brooks
Phone: 0408 687 954

@clovermoore @cityofsydney @ClrLindaScott @Clr_Anglea @JennyGreen4 @GreensJamieP


Thank you!
We thank you immensely for anything you can do to put the issue back on the map and as a community push back! Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime, we love hearing from you it means alot to know the community has been beside us every step of the way.
Warmest regards,
Rachel, Stefan & The Archway 1 Committee
Archway 1 Theatre Company & Art Studio
Ph: 0449 227 498