How to help

The Archway 1 Theatre Company, Archetype Arts Studio & Gallery & Coffee Co. are under threat!
Johnstons Creek Parklands Master Plan is on the fast track to clear the arches & that means we will be forced to leave. A large skateboard park has been approved for this location.
Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin & London have cafes, restaurants, art galleries and theatres under their viaducts/archways and they exist to service the entire community, not a small demographic.

Help keep your local theatre company, coffee spot and arts space under the arches and in Bicentennial Park! We have been under these archways for 10 years!! We are longtime local residents of this area, with a local arts and cultural initiative that serves you, our community.

You can see our 3D Architectural plans for the Archways 1 & 2. CLICK HERE
The DEADLINE for your support and comments to the CITY OF SYDNEY is until the 7th September at
Send a letter to Clover Moore and CC in all of the councilors below and don’t forget to cc. so we have a copy of your support letter.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore
02 9265 9229

Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis
02 9288 5915

Councillor Irene Doutney
02 9265 9700 or 02 9265 9812

Councillor Christine Forster
02 9288 5921

Councillor Jenny Green
02 9288 5913
Councillor Robert Kok
02 9265 9427

Councillor Edward Mandla
02 9288 5919

Councillor John Mant
02 9288 5911

Councillor Linda Scott
02 9288 5917

Councillor Angela Vithoulkas
02 9288 5909

Link our Facebook page to their page and express your support.
Instagram your photos of you at our theatre and coffee co box office and tag the Lord Mayor and the City of Sydney.

Then REPEAT!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!