International Archways

Our inspiration for Archway 1 + 2

The Viaduc des Arts, Paris

Since the rehabilitation of its vaults and the creation of the Association of Viaduc des Arts in 1993, the Daumesnil became a prestigious showcase of Craftsmen French, guaranteeing the control of traditional manufacturing techniques, but also contemporary creativity.

Emblematic place of “business passion”, the Viaduct has discovered a fifty artisans practicing their talent in bodies of diverse and varied business of fashion and decoration. Lighting and decorative accessories, furniture restorers, paintings and objects d’art, creators of fashion jewelry and accessories, a printmaking workshop, an art academy… With the walk planted and vaults spread over more than one kilometer, the Viaduct is a “weekend” out popular and a place much frequented by foreign tourists visits.

The Archway 1 + 2 arts studios looks to the The Viaduct des Arts in Paris for our inspiration in how we imagine the Archways 1 + 2 to look visually after the removal of he roofing iron that currently encloses the space, and instead replace it with glass doors on either side of the archways, to allow for visual aspects through to both the sides of the park (along the Chapman Rd side, ad intended plan to open space at The Crescent side). With support from council to remain permanently under the two arches, .The Archway 1 Arts Studio, Theatre Company, Archetype Gallery & Coffee Co., intent to match the Viaduc Des Arts in providing community access to local arts and creative services, while promoting culture, the heritage and history of the area to the wider community. We aim to continue to further provide local residents, park visitors, dog walkers and families with access to enjoyment of park goers.


Viaduct Arches – Zurich, Switzerland


International Archways