Where it all began…

Archway 1

When we opened the doors to the general public,  many years ago, it was with great delight to the locals who were always curious about what was behind the big steel door. The occasion was celebrated with an event, PARK LIFE a photographic exhibition by the Archway 1 co-founder, Stefan von Reiche and a FREE art class for adults and young people.

The exhibition featured photographs that where taken in the very park the Archway 1 is situated in, the Bicentennial/Jubilee Park, on the border of Annandale and Glebe. Images of the daily goings on. Dogs, their human friends, birds and the bay… The exhibition brought the community together, prompting conversation, laughter and smiles. A vibrant community that was thrilled with the idea of an art gallery, a performance space and the creative artists making use out of the unused space.

The community vowed to help us, to help strengthen our cause to remain a part of the vibrant culture of our local park. We have grown from strength to strength and we thank all of you, who helped us in any and every way.

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